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Tag: Introvert problems

The perceived problems of being an introvert can be managed, so that introverts in business can perform better and be happier. These pages explore this.

Can Introverts make good leaders?

Can Introverts make good leaders?

A common introvert myth is that introverts don’t make good leaders. Not only is it wrong, but many introverts make brilliant leaders. This article shares four points about introvert leaders you could learn from (whether introvert or extrovert) to become a better...
Decision making

Decision making

The way people approach decisions can affect the results they get. So, changing your decision making process can change your results. Leadership skills are linked to your decision making process; how do you decide which decisions to take now, think about, delegate or...

How to make phone calls easier for introverts

Many people (especially introverts) do not like making phone calls to get business, chase up payments, deal with outstanding issues or any number of business related matters. Is it an introvert issue,or more general? Is it procrastination due to the “fear”...

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