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This weekly 15 minute radio show covers:
1:How leaders can improve the productivity of their teams. A third of most teams are introverts who are, inadvertently, discouraged from performing well.

2: How an introvert can be more confident, productive, and happily successful in business.

Each episode has practical ideas so you get a better business.

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Latest episode

How does good leadership interface with the introvert/ extrovert issues?

This week’s episode discusses leadership with author and leadership expert Roger Fairhead. Roger helps difference makers make a difference.

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Impostor syndrome and introversion

Introverts and company culture

Follow my blog with Bloglovin This week’s interview Company culture gets blamed for all manner for things from incredible success to company failure – is that realistic? Fixing company culture often seems to be the leadership nirvana. In today’s episode we are...
Impostor syndrome and introversion

PRIZE winning leadership and introversion

This week’s interview Businesses seem to be attacked by leadership literature, but how often are they about PRIZE winning leadership and how good leadership interfaces with introvert and extrovert issues? In this week’s episode I am pleased to be discussing...
Impostor syndrome and introversion

How can you get more wild?

This week’s interview How does an introvert survive and thrive in the deeply extroverted world of brand marketing and how can getting more wild help your business prospects? I am delighted to be interviewing Mark Sears. Mark used to be the head of Group Brand...
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