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This page has some of the interviews I’ve done on the subject of introverts in business. I hope you find them useful. If you’d like me to be on your show, please contact me (0203 535 8058).

International Association of Facilitators

Helene Jewell of the IAF interviewed me about introversion and meeting facilitation as it relates to introversion.

Networking for Introverts

Charlie Whyman interviewed me about networking specifically for introverts. We discussed a range of related issues and how introverts can be excellent networkers and derive a great business benefit, while remaining themselves.

Improving productivity, by improving leadership

Click here for the article in the August 2020 edition of The Business Independent about how understanding introversion and making some simple changes to how we manage introverts can improve productivity. 


Meetings and building your business

Click here for the article in Law Firm Ambition  about meetings in the context of getting more sales, as a lawyer.


If you want a copy of the text, please contact me
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