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Most businesses exclude, or reduce, the effectiveness of introverted team members by unwittingly acting in ways that suit more extroverted staff. The can result in approximately 1/3rd of the firm (survey data) feeling under engaged and not fully productive.

The Activate Your Introvert programme is tailored to your organisation to change this situation, The programme is aimed at leaders to help them understand introversion and develop a new approach, through a combination of workshops and coaching.

What’s the business benefit?

Better leaders, influencing more of your staff, more positively, can improve productivity, creativity and staff engagement. Business benefits include:

  • Improved communication (internal and external)
  • more effective introduction and embedding of change
  • more productive, and harmonious, team meetings
  • more productive sales conversations
  • happier clients
  • less staff turnover
  • improved internal succession

What is the programme?

A series of workshops, tailored for your organisation, working with leaders in the business.

Objective: Improve productivity by training leaders to use the whole team, rather than inadvertently excluding introverted team members.

Activate Your Introverts - stages

The programme is always tailored to the organisation. Typical stages are:

Confirming the brief

An initial meeting to ensure the programme is fine-tuned to the organisation and practices within it. This is a one-hour meeting with the business leader, or HR manager.

Understanding introverts

A two-hour practical session to understand the concepts, identify preferences (Introvert/ Extrovert) of the team, identify the issues, calculate a productivity baseline and initial strategies to improve the situation.

Productivity strategies

A two-hour practical workshop to identify potential issues within the team and strategies to improve the situation. The strategies are linked to the issues and the baseline from the previous workshop.

Follow Up

Unless habits change there is no improvement and the investment isn’t fully realised. Virtual sessions after 1,3 and 6 months to celebrate improvement, check actions, fine tune skills in light of results and lock in place new habits.

Let’s talk.

 Email, complete the contact form, or click here to immediately book a mutually convenient time in our diaries; I look forward to the conversation.

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