Is being an introvert positive or negative?

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Is being an introvert positive or negative? This may seem like a strange question, but it’s very common – specially after dismissing some of the myths about introversion. The simple answer is that it’s both/ neither. Its important to accept it and understand your skill set. The much better question is how does it facilitate/ blocks communication between different people.

Is being an introvert negative?

It sometimes seems as if there are many negative points about introverts and many introverts also see negative points about themselves. If you accept a negative label, then live down to it, you have certainly done something negative. If you take the same label, use it as part of a quick diagnosis and then move beyond it – it was positive. The following points are often discussed as being negative positions about being introverted. Introverts:

These are not negative points about introverts, unless you choose to allow them to become problems

Is being an introvert positive?

If you’re looking for some positives about being an introvert, these are most often cited. Some of the points are also true of some extroverts and some introverts don’t display all of these positive points. However on asking over 200 people what they think are the positives of introversion, they’re the most commonly cited. Introverts are:

  • good listeners. We can all improve our listening skills, but more introverts are cited as a being good listeners that extroverts.
  • think before they speak. Both introverts and extroverts can think clearly, although external processing can be harder to listen to, and being more reflective means introverts tend to think before speaking.
  • thoughtful networkers: The general model of networking seems to be know many people and greet them loudly, successful networking involves more thought and focus.
  • compassionate leaders: A leader focuses on vision, inspiring the team and is good at allowing the team to take credit. What else would you add to a definition of good leader?

Introverts, extroverts and communication.

Is introvert positive or negative? It’s both/ neither. More important is how we understand and communicate with each other, especially those with different communication preferences.


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