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Join the discussion. Introvert introversial is a series of conversations, introvert style, about introversion. You’re welcome to join in, share your experience and take away ideas.

Join in for free, there’s no catch, just discussion.

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There is a weekly theme, but the discussion will go where you want it to go. There are two ways to join in, one is open to anybody, then other more select.

Private zoom room

Join in the conversation in a zoom room where only those who have booked in can join the conversation. Click here to reserve your space, there’s only 5 spaces each week.

The discussion starts at 17:00 each week, for about 30 minutes.




An open discussion, on clubhouse, all about aspects of introversion. Every Monday at 4, grab a coffee, let’s chat.

Clubhouse is a new social media platform, where people chat. You’ll need to be in clubhouse to join our conversation.

For your diary

Mar 1st - What does introversion mean to you?

Starting off with what most people believe introversion to mean, some of the strengths and tactics to help you when communicating with extroverts. Most importantly, what does it mean to you and what have you learned along the way? Click to reserve your space.


Mar 8th - Tactics that help

Discussing tactics that have helped introverts the world over. Join us, share what’s worked for you and learn from the experience of others. Click to reserve your space.


Mar 15th - Extrovert bias

Is there an extrovert bias in the world, how does it affect you and what can you do about it? Click to reserve your space.


Mar 22nd - Small talk

Most introverts hate small talk and here we are having a small discussion about it! What is it, why do introverts dislike it and what might you do to make it feel easier? Click to reserve your space.


Mar 29th - The introvert presenter

Many business owners don’t like presenting to others, despite it helping their business (or career). Here’s how many introverts get better at presenting. Click to reserve your space.


Questions about “Introvert Introversial, the introvert discussions”

Is it recorded?

No, this is a series of small discussions on introvert issues you’d like to discuss. As it’s a discussion I can’t record it beforehand and many people wouldn’t want their questions being available to others afterwards. 

I hate big zoom calls

I agree. These are small call with a maximum of 5 people on any call. That way we are able to have proper discussions, without interference. That’s why you need to book in beforehand.

What will you be discussing?

Each call has a theme (see the list here). However as they’re small, fairly short discussion based calls we can easily change the theme to suit the people on the call. 

What's the cost?

Zero. Maybe it’s “lockdown fever”, but I thought a series of short call would be interesting and useful. So, no charge, you just have to book in beforehand.

What's the catch?

None at all. OK, maybe that depends on what you view as a catch! I get to chat to some great people, you get to ask questions and I’ll try to answer them. I’ll get your email address and will send you useful material from time time, although you can unsubscribe to that at any time.

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