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I set up Introvert in business as a result of coaching many business owners and Accountants to get dramatic growth in their businesses and realising many of my clients were introverts.

Many people who know me don’t believe that I am introverted. I’ve just learned behaviours to overcome some of the disadvantages of introversion, as have many of my clients and people I’ve interviewed (while researching the forthcoming book “Introvert in Business”) have.

I’d love to speak if you:

  • are interested in me speaking at an event you are running
  • would like help to improve your performance in business
  • want help to get more value from the introverts in your business
  • would like to discuss research into introvert in business
  • just want to talk about introversion

I look forward to hearing from you, please contact me via details below, or complete the form.

Introvert in Business
Uplands Road
Woodford Bridge
Telephone: 0203 535 8058

How can I help you?

15 + 13 =

Please help.

I would really appreciate three minutes of your time to understand your views of extroversion, introversion and how (if?) they affect performance in business. 

What are your views? Take the 3 minute survey.


If you want a copy of the text, please contact me
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