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Category: Improving your work performance
Strategies and ideas for introverts to improve their performance at work, so you unleash more of your introvert superpowers and show less of the perceived disadvantages of introversion.
Does selling require charisma?

Does selling require charisma?

Do you need to be charismatic in order to improve sales, or does it help you sign up more or larger clients? Various people, particularly those who consider themselves as introverts, have told me they need more charisma to help them sell more, or better at influencing...
Impostor syndrome and introversion

How can you get more wild?

This week’s interview How does an introvert survive and thrive in the deeply extroverted world of brand marketing and how can getting more wild help your business prospects? I am delighted to be interviewing Mark Sears. Mark used to be the head of Group Brand...

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